She knows the locusts are in there and she’s trying her hardest >_> naughty #lilith

#nerdblock arrived too ( good day today :) ) this week we have a #spiderman t shirt, a #bravestwarriors figure, a #ravingrabbids figure, some tiny #transformers, an #avengers tiny skateboard and a #predator figure :)

It’s arrived!!!!! Excited!! #iphone5s

@hikirusai has just ruined my mouse socks but telling me that upside down they do in fact look like penises >_> thanks Miiiike!

Looking at pictures and realising how similar these two actually look :/

My fluffy baby #Lilith :) #catsofinstagram


Everyone will see the kiss mark on your back...
 Usui Takumi Appreciation Post 7.5k ~ Thank YOU! 

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"Your name is Licht. Did you know? Licht means ˝light˝ in German."

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